The last dress we see Rose wear. Is it a dream? Or is it Heaven?  Either way, it is completely romantic and UNFORGETTABLE !
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J Peterman CRYSTAL Gown
Mary's Bridal Heaven Dress
The J Peterman Company created this dress exactly as it was seen on screen:  a perfect recreation of the First Class Dinner Dress, done all in white silk, silk chiffon, beading and sequins.  Originally offered at $2,000.00, it is nearly impossible to find this version of the Heaven Dress for under $3,000.00 today!
For those desiring the Heaven dress but unable to find the Peterman version, upscale bridal / wedding dress designer MARY'S did a very accurate version at a much more affordable price of $850.00. As you can see, the neckline, sleeves, train, and overall shape and styling of the dress are similar to the movie version. As to not infringe upon the rights purchased by J Peterman, Mary's Bridal changed the beading pattern slightly and cut the diagonal layers in the opposite direction. Also, the layers continue around the entire dress.  Offered for only a short time in 1999 and 2000, this gown is also nearly impossible to find today.
The Titanic HEAVEN Dress
In my research on the Titanic Costumes, I have only come across two mass produced versions of the Heaven Dress.  The most faithful recreation was done by J Peterman. The other was done by Mary's Bridal.
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These photos are courtesty of Jennie Chancey's Sensibility Site. Get more info on J Peterman from Jennie by clicking HERE.

Modeled by the lovely Jamie.

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