Yes, Virginia, there IS a real J Peterman ~ He was not just a quirky character on the sitcom Seinfeld. And there really is such as thing as the J Peterman company.  The company's catalogues are filled with clothes inspired by vintage styles. Though discontinued now, Peterman offered a special grouping of very high end clothing called "Movie Legends".  As the name implies,  the line featured outfits as seen in the movies, such as "Out of Africa", "The Avengers" and "L.A. Confidential."  The costumes worn in "Titanic" were added in 1998.  Unfortunately, shortly after offering all of these beautiful clothes, the J. Peterman Company declared bankruptcy. EVERYTHING in the Titanic Movie Legends line became instant collector's items.  
In January 2001, John Peterman re-acquired the rights to use "" and has recreated his company.    The NEW J. Peterman Catalogue began arriving in mailboxes at the end of May, 2001.
A link to the BRAND NEW Peterman site is listed below.
The Wool Coat
J. Peterman's Movie Legends

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The Boarding Suit
The Jump Dress
The Dinner Dress
The Breakfast Gown
The Flying Dress
The Swim Dress
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Cal's Boarding Suit
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The Kimono
The Heaven Dress
Jack's Day Outfit
Jack's Tuxedo

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